This beautiful listing showcases our SoMill neighborhood market well!
Annual Shredding Party & e-Waste Recycling at Mills High
Check out the great ways to celebrate St. Patricks Day around the Bay Area!
Luxury homes sales doubled in the Bay Area. It has been cool to see this in Millbrae!
Do you think foreign investors are driving up real estate prices in Millbrae?
Millbrae Market Update – February 2018
A beautiful home just went up for sale in SoMill!
Classic Doelger in Westlake Terrace (Daly City)
Check out what nature events are going on around the Bay Area!
If you need to rent, California and Millbrae are lacking vacancies
Check out this record breaking home near Millbrae!
Will finishing your basement payoff when you sell your Bay Area home?
Would you buy a home without seeing it first? According to a recent survey, it is common in the Bay Area!
Here is the latest beautiful listing in our hot SoMill neighborhood market!
A new report from the San Jose Mercury News states our hot real estate market has started off 2018 with many home shoppers!
Here is how a shortage of construction workers are affecting the Bay Area housing market.
Is now a good time to declutter your home?
This beautiful listing showcases the SoMill neighborhood market well!
The amazing job market is going to power our housing market!
First Time Home Buyer Seminar
The best deals in our real estate market are found at the top!
The market in the Bay Area is very hot!
Bathroom remodels are often a great way to increase your home’s value but can also be an expensive undertaking. Check out 5 tips to prevent money from going down the drain in your remodel!
You can tell spring is coming when the listings start popping up. Here is a beautiful one in SoMill!
Stone Brewing is coming up to Northern California!
Here are some great Valentine\’s date ideas for all you procrastinators in our neighborhood!
What is the best way to get more housing in our Bay Area neighborhood?
South Millbrae Market Update February 2018
Which home improvement projects will give the best return on investment for your home in our neighborhood?
Just Sold: 1278 Hillcrest, Millbrae
This is one of many gorgeous listings near our neighborhood in Millbrae!
Open houses are a great place to showcase your home to potential buyers. Give this checklist a look to make sure your house is prepped ahead of time to receive the best results!
The Northern California mega region which includes our neighborhood has the most PHDs of anywhere in the nation.
Bay Area rents are predicted to stay at high levels.
Check out these kitchen trends that are taking over our neighborhood and the rest of the west!
Check out this beautiful listing near our neighborhood in Millbrae
Millbrae Lions Used Eye Glasses and Hearing Aid Collection Project 2018
According to a recent survey, most real estate agents are not neighborhood experts like I am, even though it is extremely important
Is ‘extreme’ rent control needed in our Bay Area neighborhood?
The Super Blue Blood Moon makes an appearance in the sky above our neighborhood
Here’s a comprehensive checklist to prepare any home for a great showing
There are many beautiful listings near our neighborhood in Millbrae
Listing Review: 1364 Vista Grande, Millbrae
Spring is around the corner which is a great time to sell your home and now is the time to list it!
How much will my home appraisal cost? This is a frequently asked question of my clients but thankfully I have the answer below
Listing Review: 1278 Hillcrest Blvd, Millbrae
Tiny living has become a popular way to avoid the Bay Area’s high housing costs
Listing Review: 761 Sequoia Avenue, Millbrae
Make sure to check out these ideas if you plan on remodeling your kitchen
Here is the latest listing in Millbrae
Millbrae Market Update – January 2018
Mortgage lingo often confuses first time home buyers
Millbrae Serra Station Meeting – January 23, 2018
The National Association of Realtors predicts the impact of tax reform will raise home prices in California
SoMill has a new and gorgeous listing
Should you fix up your home before listing it or do our competitive market conditions allow you to sell it as is?
Feel the earthquake last night?
Our SoMill neighborhood has a new beautiful listing
On the fence about buying a home? Check out these 8 benefits of home ownership
Bay Area home prices keep breaking records
The southern Bay Area is the best place in the country for tech jobs
This is the latest in Millbrae. Let’s see what happens in our local market as the new year rolls in!
Winter Twilight in Millbrae
Today in Millbrae there are 16 homes for sale with a $1.7M median listing price and a $1.6M median closing price
A new bridge across the bay might be coming near our neighborhood
The temperature dropping doesn’t mean that buyer’s bids on my listings will drop. Check out these 13 tips on how to successfully sell your house in the Fall and Winter
Beautiful home recently listed in our competitive Millbrae market!
Dwindling supply and rising demand caused prices to increase in Bay Area housing markets in November
Tis the season! Check out these festive decor ideas that will impress all your guests
Winter Sunset in Millbrae
Here’s everything happening this weekend in San Mateo County
Coyote spotted in Millbrae
Are you updated about your local market? These are the listings near our neighborhood right now
Legal marijuana: Bay Area residents are divided. What do you think?
On this Makeover Monday, look into the benefits of solar panels. Enter your Millbrae address in the link below to find out the costs and savings off your energy bill from installing solar panels on your roof
Neighborhood Favorite on NextDoor!
Online Petition Regarding Ann Schneider to be Seated as Vice-Mayor
Winter Spare the Air Alert
There are many great open houses in our neighborhood this weekend! Check them out in the link below
Millbrae’s oldest house is for sale for $1.54M
Do you have any questions? This is something that stumps most home buyers. Here are 15 plus questions to ask during your home buying process to make sure you’ve covered all your bases
Why are high rent prices causing artists to leave the Bay Area? Find out below
Accessory Dwelling Units: They’re considered a great home improvement project that can add value, and some extra income. But, there are also costs to consider when you decide whether to build one into your house
Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out this guide to events around Millbrae
Closing on a home – It can be really unclear sometimes and the reason for delays can be elusive. Here are 14 key things to know about the home buying process so you can know exactly when your closing date will be
Wondering where Bay Area rents had the sharpest increase over the past year?
Wondering what the biggest sales at Walmart are this Cyber Monday?
Open houses always give insight into what’s happening in our neighborhood’s real estate market. If you can’t make it to any this weekend, contact me for more opportunities!
Almost 95% of all home searches today begin on the Internet. Jumping into the home buying experience often feels like a whirlwind but, this is a great place to catch up. Here are 9+ helpful tips for first time home buyers or if you just need a refresher!
Wondering what income is needed to buy a house in the Bay Area?
Want to throw the best Thanksgiving party? Read these tips
There are some great open houses in the neighborhood this weekend! If you can\’t make it, feel free to contact me
Have overdue library fines? Donate food to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties and your fines will be waived
Thousands come together to brainstorm solutions to the Bay Areas housing crisis
Thousands come together to brainstorm solutions to the Bay Areas housing crisis
South Millbrae Market Update – November 2017
Wondering which home renovation projects will bring in the best return on investment?
Open houses are always fun! Here are some in the neighborhood this weekend!
Is the Real Estate Market hot or cold? Is it a buyers or sellers market? You dont have to be an expert to know the best time of year to buy a home. Find out here!
Real Estate Market update! Today in Millbrae, there are 24 homes for sale with $1.5 million median listing and closing prices. Click the link below to find out more!
Here are 24 home improvement ideas to kick off your week!
Want to find something to do this weekend? Check out these San Mateo county events by clicking the link below!
The Door is Open! An Open House in Millbrea is coming up, get the details and check it out!
Renting in the Bay Area? Now might be a good time to buy instead as rents continue to rise! Click the link below to find out more!
How does Real Estate work? This is the big question whether my clients are first time buyers, seasoned homeowners, or somewhere in between. Heres a step by step guide to get familiar!
Real Estate Market update! Today in Millbrae, there are 26 homes for sale with a $1.5M median listing price and closing price. Click the link below to find out more!
An historic Millbrae house was featured in the Daily Journal!
Amazing Opportunity in Millbrae
A statewide initiative has been filed that would repeal Costa-Hawkins, the 1995 law that protects single-family homes from rent control.
Wondering what to do for Halloween? Here are some events near you!
Want to help fire victims? There is an upcoming benefit concert with headliners such as Metallica!
A New report suggests a cooling market in our neighborhood, though prices should keep rising. Get the scoop here!
One of the best parts about fall is the foliage! If you love decorating your home for the season or, havent found a way that works for your home, this is for you. These are some beautiful ways to bring the outside in with elegant and easy fall decor!
Oldest House in Millbrae!
I love a good burger, so much so that I could even be called a burger snob. This is a list of Burger Bistros and I think I just might have to go test them out this weekend. Check out the list to add these to your weekend lunches!
Finding contractors before these fires was a challenge but, rebuilding all over Northern California is going to prove difficult. Its now more than ever that communities support each other and this time is no different. Lets rebuild together
Home Selling Seminar
Want to know what might change with your homes value going into 2018? Experts are making their predictions and things dont look too shabby:
Malls have been on the out and out for a while. The big idea is using those malls to build amazing condos and boutique spaces. I think I could see myself living in a house like that. Comment how you think that could change a neighborhood!
I never would have thought to put that mirror there! Feng Shui the easy way. 3 rules of thumb that will make every room feel and look amazing. Without the stereotypes.
Warriors Trophy at Chase BANK in Millbrae
Warriors Trophy at Chase Back in Millbrae
Millbrae Market Update – October 2017
Safety is number one even for those of us who are safe from fire. Stay inside and keep those windows rolled up! Below you can click to view a real time radar of smoke safety conditions.
Beautiful Home in Millwood Area of Millbrae!
Switch up your home decor for the season and give your house a fresh new feel! Now is a great time to make some affordable changes:
You might love driving from your house to your favorite places to frequent but, some of us really love to be hyper local. To me, that means being able to walk around the block for anything. If youre like me, this list is perfect for you!
As it gets darker earlier in the evening, landscape lighting is a necessity. Plus, it makes your home look polished and stylish instantly! Click below for gorgeous examples of outdoor lighting to inspire your outdoor design!
Hyperlocal is the way to go for weekends in your community, check out what’s going on here!
All the hacks you should know if you live in the neighborhood!
Spicy listing popping up in the area. It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
Copper has gone beyond having a moment, its now a staple in kitchen design and it can work for anyone!
Millbrae Community Center Survey – Added Incentive!
The annual housing trends report was just released and there are some great insights that effect Millbrae homes! If you’re curious about your home value fluctuating or housing market predictions for the future definitely check it out:
Mills Mania!
44th Annual Castro Street Fair is this weekend!
Millbrae Station Area Projects – Upcoming Planning Commission Meetings
These 15 home design improvements are TRENDING right now! Take a look at what you can get done with a low budget:
More starter homes are coming – but are they really starters?
Who said blogging is a millennial thing? Youll want to follow this one when you see her Bay home!
Another Beautiful Day in the Peninsula
Smithsonian affiliated museums across the country are offering free museum admission tomorrow only! Find one near you on this live map!
All of these restaurants are opening this month!
Get a feel for the neighborhood this fall and check out the homes that are going up for sale! How do you think they will fare in this housing climate? Let us know your opinions:
The market is rumored to shift soon, have you noticed this same sentiment in your neighborhood?
Field Report: 447 Palm Avenue, Millbrae
Gorgeous home construction near San Francisco made the most of a super wide plot of land
September 2017 Market Update for South Millbrae
Millbrae Japanese Culture Festival
Its that time of year! Head to the Oktoberfest Block Party this weekend!
These 5 places are totally worth seeing, put them on your list!
San Mateo County Home Sales Satistics – August 2017
Field Report: 627 Capuchino Drive, Millbrae
The school year is starting around the country! It’s the perfect time to check out where our district schools rank against the rest. It’s definitely impressive how we stack up:
Newly Redone: 627 Capuchino Drive, Millbrae
This is what 1million looks like in the Bay Area
Changing seasons are the best time to do mini home cleanses. Here are 25 things you might want to get rid of
Harvey and Irma never could have imagined this coincidence in 75 years of marriage
These are some Bay Area suburb gems to add to your list for spontaneous romps!
Have a 2.1M house hunting budget? Here’s what you can buy in the Millbrae:
National Preparedness Month: Sign Up for SMC Alert & Win!
California Mayors want to change the housing shortage by calling on lawmakers
Don’t take your outdoor decor down yet, it still feels like summer!
Prop 60/90 & 1031 Exchange Considerations
Here’s some awesome weekend ideas in the Bay Area!
47th Annual Millbrae Art & Wine Festival
Our school are some of the top for future salary earning!
Home buying trends in the Bay Area and across the US. Do you agree with this article?
The Art and Culture district drives our local economy forward more than you think!
South Millbrae Market Update – August 2017
The bike share program in the Bay Area is seen as gentrification. Do you agree?
Avoid these mistakes when laying out your house!
Where you can get eclipse glasses. Scarce? Check out this live stream?
San Mateo County – July Stats are in!
Bay Area schools are taking away chocolate milk as a step toward health. What do you think of this change?
10 home trends that have taken 2017 by FORCE! Look to see which ones you can spot around our neighborhood:
What could Google mean for downtown San Jose?
7th Annual Millbrae Machines Car Show!
#MakeoverMonday Back-to-school season even if you don’t have kids
25 day trips in the Bay Area!
These are the privately owned streets in the Bay Area, do you live on one?
Estate Sale this weekend at 1 Lewis Avenue
Unbeknownst to residents, a San Francisco street is sold to private owner
#MakeoverMonday Tiny house downsize
What to do with the kids in August Bay Area
Help catch the Millbrae burglar!
A fire station on top of the water?!
Want to make your home irresistible to potential buyers? Check out this home staging gold mine. If you have questions or are looking to sell a home let’s get in touch!
4,400 Bay area homes, will it happen?
#MakeoverMonday Instantly add interest to your dining room
Video: These are San Francisco musts
National Night Out in Millbrae\’s Central Park
This is why we love where we live!
HOT listing popping up in the area. It will be very interesting to watch this sell! Let us know what you have to say about this home.
How low inventory is affecting Bay Area home sales
First Time Homebuyer Seminar on Aug. 3rd! Click for more details:
Escape this weekend
South Millbrae Market Update: July 2017
Still haven’t gone to that brewery?
How much house will you get with 1.6M in Millbrae?
Luxury condo sales are way up
Listing Review: 168 Elder Avenue, Millbrae
#MakeoverMonday People are renovating more than ever
Our wildflowers are awesome, in case you didn’t know
These are festivals you dont want to miss
Honoring the Millbrae Rec Center – July 21, 2017
Make sure to stay up to date on new listings in the area! Let’s sit down and talk homes if you’re looking to buy a home or have your home listed.
This is what you get for 4.35 million in San Francisco
Join us for this seminar on Smart Home Technology
#MakeoverMonday What if big projects aren’t my thing?!
Do you know what home staging can do to a sale?
BART Ridership at Millbrae
Water Use Regulations In Millbrae
Bay Area is said to expand Los Vaqueros Reservoir
Selling your house? 15 tips to get the best out of it.
#MakeoverMonday There’s so much life in this one
The best spots to watch fireworks
June’s Hot List: 20 Top Housing Market in the U.S.
Millbrae Planning Commission Position Interviews – 7/19
If you’re going to San Francisco
The COMPLETE Bay Area 4th of July guide! Take a look at what you can plan to do through out the weekend/week:
100K is considered low income in the Bay Area
#MakeoverMonday Colonial house with three lives
Mortgage Rates Still At Low Levels
Escape the scorching temperatures this weekend
Firework Safety Notice – City of Millbrae
All shook up – did you feel the earthquake yesterday?
Market Update: South Millbrae June 2017
You deserve to enjoy this weekend out on the town. Head down to the Oakland Tacopocalypse for some great eats and fun times!
What 900K looks like in the Bay Area
#MakeoverMonday Your weekly dose of home transformation!
Enjoying the San Mateo County Fair
Happy Fathers Day! What are your plans?
The Bay in 2035
Like Fondue? Melting Pot!!
Going to San Mateo County Fair This Weekend?
A generation defined by the recession
We call it Mid-Century Modern
Millbrae: The Early Years
The easiest way to increase home value
Make sure you’re the one making decisions about your home
Home Values Continue to Rise
We have the coolest stuff
I want a house like this!
Why I Plant Flags – Memorial Day Thoughts
That’s a million dollar listing?
Blow your guests away with these AMAZING recipes:
Rep the Bay Area
Millbrae Oral History Project Documentary – June 11th
A day to pay tribute.
There’s IT girls and then there’s IT neighborhoods
It’s bikini season
Don’t miss out on Memorial Day fun!
To move, or not to move?
California real estate is on fire (not literally, though)
Listing Review: 236 S Ashton, Millbrae, CA
No Soup for You! (millennial remix)
Appearance is everything
Those are classy sandwiches
24 truly appalling estate agent pictures
South Millbrae Market Update: May 2017
Here’s how you know your real estate agent is totally awesome
Millbrae Community Center – Community Workshops
Food, Wine, and Art – How fancy
Coffee with the Mayor of Millbrae
San Mateo County Affordable Housing Survey: DUE FRIDAY
Finally Sold!: 1253 Lake Street, Millbrae, CA
Upcoming First Time Homebuyer Seminar
The mall is over
All the Fests you could think of
All the Fests you could think of
Cupertino gets bike friendly
“Like Uber in Oakland, but on steroids”
Upcoming First Time Homebuyer Seminar
Minimalism or Maximalism – A look into an Amazing California Pad
Avoid May Day Traffic!
$800k for a burned out home? We all knew prices in the Bay area were high, but check out this San Mateo property
Home buyers are not likely to buy in the same neighborhood when on the house hunt. See how far outside of a community they will land and who might be coming in!
Is this the right time for YOU to buy?
Is this the right time for YOU to buy?
Peninsula Playing Host To ‘Largest Earth Day Celebration’ In Bay Area
Millbrae Real Estate Market Sees Home Sales Fall
How do you feel about these potential new Bay area housing standards?
Another Successful Shredding Event at Mills High!
Are market conditions in the Bay starting to contradict? Weigh in!
These San Francisco neighborhoods are going to see price drops soon. Did your neighborhood make the list?
San Mateo County Home Sales Statistics
South Millbrae Market Update: April 2017
Check out 4 potential problems with older homes
Listing Review: 850 Almenar, Millbrae, CA
Think you’re ready to sell? Boost your home’s curb appeal with these tips from the Colorado Association of Realtors.
Seems that the Bay is turning into a sellers market with sales down and home prices up. What are your thoughts on these trends
City of Millbrae Reports Improved Financial Position
Living Spaces in Millbrae!
Upcoming Seminar: Investing In Real Estate Property
How far does 1.5M get you in Millbrae in this market?
Market Update: New CA Laws for 2017
February Market Update 2017 – Bring on the Listings!
Shredding Party 2017!
Listing Review for 957 Vista Grande
Listing Review For: 721 Hillcrest Blvd, Millbrae, CA
Listing Review For: 35 Manzanita Court, Millbrae, CA 94030
Listing Review For: 1473 Gavilan Way, Millbrae, CA 94030
October Market Update for South Millbrae
September Market Update for South Millbrae
Sold Review For 1489 Murchison Dr , Millbrae, CA
Listing Review For: 431 Hillcrest Blvd , Millbrae, CA
Sold Review For 1346 Millbrae Avenue , Millbrae, CA
1224 Frontera – Looking for a new owner
Sold Review For 1346 Millbrae Avenue , Millbrae, CA
Listing Review For: 1376 Millbrae Avenue , Millbrae, CA
Bracing for a Busy Fall Season?
Sold Review For 110 Alto Loma , Millbrae, CA
Sold Review For 860 Pinon Ave , Millbrae, CA
Burglary Response Community Meeting in Millbrae
Listing Review For: 1489 Murchison Dr , Millbrae, CA
Millbrae Square Makeover
Listing Review For: 811 Taylor Blvd , Millbrae, CA
Listing Review For: 800 Murchison DR Millbrae CA 94030
Listing Review For: 1016 Sequoia AVE Millbrae CA 94030
Summer in South Millbrae
Steady on in South Millbrae
Listing Review For: 860 Pinon AVE Millbrae CA 94030
Listing Review For: 19 Aura VIS Millbrae CA 94030
Listing Review For: 1238 Millbrae AVE Millbrae CA 94030
Sold Review For 1205 Encina DR Millbrae CA 94030
Great Expectations?
Higher Expectations, Same Results?
Sold Review For 450 Laurel Avenue, Millbrae, CA 94030
General Plan Update in Millbrae
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